Photography derives from the greek words photos-graphè.
It means drawing with the light and it’s a meaningful concept rather than only a passion.
Many people thinks that photography is something easy to do, something that today every people can do without difficulties, also thanks to the diffusion of high quality cameras on smartphones.

How many times a photographer have heard words as “photography’s like only pressing a button!”.
Well, that’s the death of photography.

Of course it’s not a people guilt, but it’s linked to the changing concept of photography, that many years ago was quite different thanks to costs and low number of poses available to a photographer, that was around 24-36 poses against the 200,000 poses that you can shoot in a microsd not larger than a nail.
The incredible thing is that the probability of finding good photos among 24 shoots was higher than in 200,000 poses because you had to give your best to do not waste your film rolls.

Photography is the possibility to freeze a moment, a feeling that your brain will soon forget, but that you can live again trough a glance.