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Alessandro Cascino

He was born in the nineties, in the midst of the technological revolution that led to the web revolution. He inherited from his father, pioneer user and collector of any technological primordial device, the passion for everything that is brought to life by circuits and logic board systems.

At the age of two years old, hearing from the incredulous tales of family and friends, he gets his hands on the Commodore 64 and his first computer, based on Intel 80486.
His digital life officially begins around 2004, when, as self-taught, and with the support of a friend together with the basic computer knowledge inherited from his father, he opens his first web space (“alexam”) and collects ideas in creative experiments that fill his days spent with his hands on the keyboard of his little ASUS 13”. When the web finally opens up to everyone, he needed to acquire a digital identity (under the nickname of “BlackSkorpion”), the one that accompanied his technological training for a long time. The experience leading a successful community on mobile devices, technology and various social forums makes him understand that a good knowledge of the web is not enough to succeed in creating a good platform, but the fundamental part lies precisely in the project, in the idea. So that, from this time he begin a path of understanding of project management processes and social engineering studies to learn I the mechanisms of the Internet and the media.

After the found out of an old Kodak darkroom camera in an old cabinet of a great-aunt, the passion for photography breaks out. He was fascinated by the technological changes that have taken place over time regarding photography and continues his studies with a Yashica MP108 of his father. Over time, after taking several photos in analogue, given the shortage of film of the period, he decides to aim for a camera of his own, and so, for his eighteenth birthday he is given a digital SLR, which now becomes part of he. He enjoys taking pictures, in his free time, while following the first year of computer engineering, a must for a boy who as a child constantly asked himself a single question “why?” and that he spent hours and hours dismantling electronic and non-electronic objects, to understand how they are made “inside”.

He graduated in Computer and Electronic Engineering in 2017 and in the same year he began the iOS Software Development, Design and Project Management course at the iOS Apple Developer Academy in Naples, having won an important scholarship there. In the meantime, he collects important collaborations from both an engineering and a photographic point of view.

At the moment, he continues his journey through life, aware that he will always be with him, the passion he carries with him, made of pure technology, photography and creativity. The love for travel and the desire to see new places (the unmistakable mark of those born under the sign of the aquarius) lead him to new ideas, new ways of thinking.

In his photographic style he prefers landscapes and architectural, because they are the same ones that give him a sense of freedom that often, in everyday life, is lacking, but he loves to represent the human soul in the portraits of ordinary people.

At the same time he is a strenuous defender of Naples city and a fan of Napoli football. Having been born in this ancient city, rich in roots and traditions, he developed a cult of beauty, which was enriched during his studies at the scientific high school, which gave a solid basis of thought and made sure to advance the his love for knowledge, the only immortal weapon against the excessive power of the strong over people’s ignorance. A convinced southerner, anti-racist and anti-homophobia. He does not tolerate any form of violence and hatred, he strongly believes in culture and knowledge.

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Here you can see some of my previous experiences.

Autonomous Driving Lead Software Engineer at Stellantis


Software Engineer for Autonomous Driving Systems - ADX / ADAS

Software Engineer for Autonomous Driving Systems - ADX / ADAS Feature implementation and Test Driven Development in BMW Co-Operation. Application fields: ・Perception ・Motion Planning ・Control Specific focus on Motion Planning and in: - Safety - Status Evaluators - Ground Truth Data Reprocessing - Acceptance Tests - CI Configuration Technologies: C++ 14, Python, Bazel, JSON, Gtest, ASTAS Simulator, Rviz

Autonomous Driving Senior Software Engineer at Stellantis


Software Engineer for Autonomous Driving Systems - ADX / ADAS

Software Engineer for Autonomous Driving Systems - ADX / ADAS Feature implementation and Test Driven Development in BMW Co-Operation. Application fields: ・Perception ・Motion Planning ・Control Specific focus on Motion Planning and in: - Safety - Status Evaluators - Ground Truth Data Reprocessing - Acceptance Tests - CI Configuration Technologies: C++ 14, Python, Bazel, JSON, Gtest, ASTAS Simulator, Rviz

Innovation Software Engineer at Hitachi (for Alten Spa)


Full stack embedded Software Engineer working at Predictive Maintenance Systems for Switch Point.

Worked with different hardware (ST boards, Arduino, Raspberry) and software (C, Python, JSON) tecnologies, implementing a smart monitoring system with Security features (double sides auth) and low power consumption.

Master Degree in Computer Engineering (Software and Networks)


With great dedication and passion ended his studies in Computer Engineering (Software and Network Engineering)

Example Exams: Software Engineering, Embedded Systems, Network Security, Computer Networks II, Capacity Plant Testing, Advanced Software Engineering and Software Development Engineering gave him the possibility to easy identify a complex problem and solve it in a reasonable time.

Apple iOS Academy of Napoli

2017 - 2018

I'm currently studying at the Apple iOS Academy of Napoli, first Apple academy ever in the world.

I passed with success the examination phase and now I'm there studying for developing new horizons of iOS APPs.

Freelance Web Developer & Designer

2013 - 2021

I'm studying web development and design since I was a child, starting my first website at the age of 10.

Now I can work as a web designer and I'm able to create a first class website for your company.

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering


With great dedication and passion he graduated in 2017 in Informatic & Electronic Engineering.

Exams like Analysis I and II, Physics I and II, Automated Controls, Databases, Object Programmation, Electrotecnique and so on, gave him the possibility to easy identify a problem and solve it in a reasonable time.

Freelance Photographer

2012 - 2017

I've been working as a freelance photographer.

I shoot every kind of events or ceremony. I made many collaborations with Berlucchi Franciacorta and Sagna, the official Italian importer of Louis Roederer Cristal.

Diploma at Liceo Scientifico


Diploma at Liceo Scientifico in Napoli



Here you are some of my works.

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  • iOS apps / Android apps
  • Databases / mySQL / Gestional
  • Java / C / Swift

Software Developement

He started developing since he was a child. Create something from zero is very fashinating to him. At the moment he is working for a great amount of time on mobile software development for devices such as iOS and Android. Apps are something that link together front-end and back-end of software. He can develop both sides of software.

  • Photography / Photojournalism
  • Videomaking / Video recording
  • Photoshop / Video editing


He feels a great passion for photography since he was a child. When he was eighteen years old he turn his passion into a work as a freelancer for advertising / ceremony / social world. It is an opportunity to improve his communication and auto-management skills, also linked to specific abilities in photography.

  • Social media / Marketing
  • Increasing Likes / Followers
  • Photography / Visibility

Social media

A great knowledge about social media and marketing rules, gives to him the possibility to make a small or big business much more known on social networks of success such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Together with his skills on webdesign and graphic design he can create a personal network on your personal business or personal professional portfolio, taking your web image to the next level.

  • Web development / Design
  • Graphic / Visibility
  • html / php / css

Web Design

At the age of 10 years old the made up his first experimental website uploaded on a free hosting website, a sort of personal blog totally in html. After, joining the web world, he founded and managed many important forums taking attention of people on them. Today he can work as a freelancer making new generation websites, that are fast and responsive. He is especially good in giving to the website a great visibility among many important search engines.

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Gli ingegneri amano risolvere problemi. Se non ci sono problemi a disposizione, se li creano da soli. La gente normale non capisce questo concetto… loro credono che se una cosa non è rotta, allora non c’è bisogno di aggiustarla. Gli ingegneri credono invece che se una cosa non è rotta, allora vuol dire che non ha ancora un numero sufficiente di funzioni. Nessun ingegnere può guardare un telecomando senza pensare a cosa ci vorrebbe per trasformarlo in una arma per stordire. Nessun ingegnere si può fare una doccia senza pensare se un qualche tipo di ricopertura al Teflon potrebbe rendere non necessario farsi la doccia. Per l’ingegnere il mondo è una scatola piena di giocattoli non-ottimizzati e con poche funzioni.

  • Software Engineering skills
  • Photography skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Team Working skills

Software Development
Android APP Development
iOS APP Development
Web Design

Languages Skills







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